Workshops in Schools

Marvellous Monsters

Are you a school leader / teacher wanting to inject some creativity into your curriculum? Do you have children in your school / classes who strongly dislike writing and / or lack confidence forming ideas? Look no further!

In Autumn 2019 and Spring 2020 I am offering monster-themed creative writing and art courses! We will be:

  • making puppets
  • designing a set
  • making props for the puppets
  • co-writing a script including all puppets
  • performing the puppet show

These courses focus on:

  • confidence with writing
  • confidence forming ideas
  • group-work skills: negotiation / compromise / assertiveness
  • creative expression with paint / sculpture / acting
  • public speaking / performance

I work with small groups (from 6 to 10 students per group) to develop stories that all the students care about. We build the script through consensus decision-making and role-play and spend time negotiating and compromising. Once we have built the start of the script, we decide what props / setting are needed and start to make these. We then act out the first part of the script and record it. We discuss what went well in Act 1 / what needs work. We rewrite / edit Act 1 and then start to write Act 2; create props, setting for this. We repeat the same process for Act 3. We then perform the final show! For a more detailed description of the above process, see My Teaching Methods.

I have experience working with students with SEN and I can tailor courses to suit specific class / teacher needs.

These courses work best as 10 hour courses (split between a few days, e.g. 2 hours each morning for 5 days), but again, I am happy to discuss this and tailor to individual class / teacher needs. Prices start from £150 per 2 hours.