Workshops in Schools

Art and Creative Writing Workshops in Schools 

Are you a school leader / teacher wanting to inject some creativity into your curriculum? Do you have children in your school / classes who strongly dislike writing or art and / or lack confidence forming ideas? Look no further!

I offer a range of creative workshops to schools, including but not limited to:

  • painting (painting from the imagination, colour-mixing, painting techniques such as dry brush / mono-printing / underpainting / glazes)
  • sculpture (emphasising process over product and using traditional materials e.g. clay as well as everyday materials e.g. recycling)
  • script-writing (individual and group writing experiences)
  • puppet-making (sock puppets and more traditional puppets)
  • story-writing (using sensory games / picture books / story-telling games to firstly inspire and then structure writing)
  • set-design and making props (see above for sculpture)
  • performance (acting games, decision-making as actors, individual as well as group performance)

These courses focus on:

  • confidence with materials
  • confidence with writing
  • confidence forming ideas and acting on them as an artist
  • group-work skills: negotiation / compromise / assertiveness
  • creative expression with paint / sculpture / acting
  • public speaking / performance

I have experience working with students with SEN and I can tailor courses to suit specific class / teacher needs.

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