Weekend Courses

Marvellous Monsters

Does your child struggle with creative writing but love art? Or does your child absolutely love art and writing and need focused time with an enthusiastic artist to spread their wings? Look no further!

Lantern Methodist Church

10am-3pm Saturday and Sunday
Class size: 6 children max

Years 3-4: 12th-13th October
Years 5-6: 9th-10th November
Years 2-3: 7th-8th December 
Next courses: February half-term! Theme to be announced shortly… 

Cost: £200 per course (10 hours)
Discount offer for these new courses (only available if there are enough spaces in the class): if you bring a friend / classmate to the workshop then both the friend and your child will receive 25% discount on the full workshop price.

We will be:

  • making puppets
  • designing a set
  • making props for the puppets
  • co-writing a script including all puppets
  • performing the puppet show

These courses focus on:

  • confidence with writing
  • confidence forming ideas
  • group-work skills: negotiation / compromise / assertiveness
  • creative expression with paint / sculpture / acting
  • public speaking / performance







More detailed course content

In the 10 hours we will be:

– designing puppets as the characters for the story (I will provide materials to inspire students such as books / film clips / games etc.)

– designing a setting for these characters using art / games and stimulating the senses imagining smell / sound / texture, etc.

– coming up with a plot for a story involving all the puppets in their settings again using art / games / story-boarding / reading a book together, etc.

– writing a play script together involving all the puppets and including stage directions. The writing will consist of dialogue / description / action and will focus on the feelings of the characters and how these are shown through action / speech.

– making props for the play to be used by the puppets and for the stage

– performing the play using the puppets, props, etc. This will be filmed.

The benefits of this process

Shared writing leading to performance is a fantastic way to improve writing and at the same time collaborate in an exciting process as artists and writers. Students develop puppets of characters they care about early on, make a set for these characters, and then come up with a story including all the characters. When brainstorming and writing the script, they question every aspect of plot that is decided to make sure it’s right for all the characters. The teacher is there as facilitator – questioning, helping reach alternative solutions when there are disagreements. Students usually take on different roles in the group: one is concerned with detail / that everything makes sense; one is excited about plot; one cares about the reactions of the characters in stage directions, etc. This is an invaluable way to help children think about character, plot, setting and develop detailed and interesting writing.

For more information, see My Teaching Methods; Workshops in Schools and About Me.

“Our son’s English composition ability improved dramatically with Katherine.” Parent, Raynes Park





Please fill in and email the following form to katherine.smith@gmail.com:
Intensive Puppet Weekend Registration Form

The 10 hour weekend courses are £200. Full payment is required in advance to secure the place. Please also note my Cancellation Policy at the bottom of this page. 

Classroom behaviour policy

In order to ensure a safe and happy environment, conducive to learning and creativity, I encourage positive behaviour. Children are made aware of the boundaries in my classes during their first session and reminded regularly. Please see my classroom behaviour policy

Cancellation Policy

This policy applies to all cancellations for any reason. 

If the class is over-subscribed (i.e. there is a waiting list from which I can directly fill your place), and you are cancelling your child’s place with at least 14 full days’ notice of cancellation before the day your child is due to attend, I will be able to give you a full cash refund. This is the only circumstance in which I can give a cash refund. If this is not possible, I will be able to give a credit note in the following circumstances: 

To give a 100% credit note*, I need at least 14 full days’ notice of cancellation before the day your child is due to attend. 

To give a 50% credit note*, I need at least 7 to 13 full days’ notice of cancellation before the day your child is due to attend. 

If you cancel your course without giving at least 7 full days’ notice of cancellation before the day your child is due to attend, you will not receive any credit.

*Please note that credit notes will be valid for 12 months from the date of issue.