Behaviour Policy

In order to ensure a safe and happy environment, conducive to learning and creativity, I encourage positive behaviour. Children are made aware of the boundaries below during their first session and reminded regularly.

I ask parents / carers for their support in promoting and maintaining this positive behaviour. Parents should be aware that children who are disruptive, abusive or rude may be excluded.

Basic Behavioural Expectations

Respect: for the teacher, for each other, for the art materials, for the venue

Any child unable to behave in the correct manner will be subject to the following steps: 

1. Reminder: A verbal warning will be given, and if necessary reinforced. The child will be reminded of the rules and expectations.

2. Parents / Carers informed: If the inappropriate behaviour continues, the child’s parents /carers will be informed.

3. Exclusion: In the event of continuing or escalating inappropriate behaviour, the child will not be able to continue to take part in the lessons.